Vortrag in Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzungshilfe: Wellbeing, Life Satisfaction and Happiness among older people in the countries from the Danube Region

Lecturer: Prof. Rumiana Stoilova, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

This presentation aims to respond to the current pandemic in a way that respects the needs and
dignity of older people focusing on the use of modern information and communication technologies
among older adults and its impact over the subjective feeling of happiness. Peoples’ life satisfaction
by country in April 2020 fall below the levels observed in 2016 and that is not surprising. The
important questions are: How effectively can be increased the feeling of happiness among older
people? Which factors could be influenced positively by specific policy measures? Based on data
from European comparative empirical surveys, carried out before and during the Covid 19 crisis, this
presentation will reveal several factors for happiness, which perform differently in the Danube
countries. ILEU e.V. lädt Sie zu einem geplanten Zoom-Meeting ein.

Language: English, translation help will be given in Bulgarian, Romanian and German.


Access via ZOOM:


Meeting-ID: 858 4199 1783

Password: 182667

Join by phone: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kwu7Esp7x


Nov 04 2020







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